About Donations

If you’re even considering donating to us, we genuinely appreciate it and would like to clear up exactly what the donated money is being put towards. .

1. Games: First and foremost, the bits of money we get together are going towards games. Since we are still working with publishers  to get Review copies, all of the games we buy to review are paid for with our money. We aren’t rich, far from it actually. But we love putting out content. So mainly your money will be going towards use buying games so we can share our thoughts about them around the world.

2. The Site’s progression: The site is currently a thrown together WordPress site, but if we’re able to gain any sort of popularity, we have a much grander plan for the site. Any extra donated money will go to this fund.

3. Hardware: Right now, video content is a big deal. However, the Hardware required for quality video footage is expensive. Other bits of money will go towards equipment.

What’s in it for you? : We’re working on some way to thank everyone, besides – you know, saying “thank you”. Whether it be exclusive content, inclusion in a large “Thank You” page, we don’t know. But you will at least have our gratitude!

Have any questions? We’d love to answer them! Drop us a line at questions@theanalogshtick.com


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